Glitch Note:
The New Bed III
26 November 2018

ΒΆ The new bed seems to be getting lower. Shouldn’t it be the other way round?

The old bed was so high that it required a king-sized bedspread. Now the tassels of the bedspread are draping the floor. (I was going to buy a new one anyway; good thing I waited until the new bed arrived.) It was getting difficult for Kathleen to climb into. Even I had to perch on the edge and give myself a little push. Now I just sit down and swivel. I have to bend a little further each day, it seems, to make the bed. I worry that, one day, the new bed will be as hard for me to get out of as the love seats in the living room.

The real loss is the bedposts on the footboards. The old bedposts were pretty tall. I was always leaning on them with one hand while getting dressed with the other β€” probably a cause of the old bed’s destruction. I routinely reached out for the bedpost while navigating my way in or out of the bedroom. I still do β€” only the new bed’s posts aren’t there β€” they’re not tall enough.

But we do like the new bed very much. It is very quiet. No ominous creaks or cracks.

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