Department of Unavoidable Menus:
Sapidity Crisis
22 November 2018

¶ Oh, how I was looking forward to Thanksgiving at the Knickerbocker!

The gemütlich atmosphere (well, for Greenwich Village) is always agreeable. And I was savoring the meal that I was going to order: oysters, an Iceberg wedge salad with onion rings, and a ginormous chocolate sundae. 

None of these items was on the special Thanksgiving menu!

And nothing that was on it appealed to me at all. At all! Not even the shrimp cocktail, which turned out to be, well, the same appetizer that I outgrew circa 1963. Not the slice of salmon, nicely enough done, but who was in the mood, and certainly not the pumpkin pie. No substitutions! 

I resolved then and there that what we are going to celebrate next year is the anniversary of Fossil Darling’s and Ray Soleil’s wedding. They argue about when this falls, on a date certain in November or, as Ray and I hold, on the day after Thanksgiving. A much more agreeable holiday anyway.

Thank goodness for the delectable treats that Ray served at cocktails at his flat before dinner. He did this one thing with parmesan and proscuitto and fig jam…

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