Gotham Note:
A Visit
22 October 2018

My favorite thing is have friends from out of town come to visit and have lunch with me at the pub. This weekend, one of my law school pals flew up from South Carolina to see Marnie at the Met. We got together with her on Saturday night at Fossil Darling’s — he’s a pal of hers now, too — and we had dinner at Shun Lee, which is always a treat, but wasn’t quite what it might be, because Ray Soleil had stuffed me with his scrumptious hors d’oeuvres. 

After lunch, my friend came back to the apartment for a pot of tea. She was one of the two readers of the first draft of the writing project, and although she liked it, she agreed that my ideas for a complete overhaul were not bad. She said, “It was great fun to read, but there were all these threads that I would have liked to read more about.” “Not if I’d actually written about them, you wouldn’t.” What I learned from the first draft was that I don’t have the skill to write at length about things that interest me. Or let’s say, rather, that I’ve never bothered to develop it. How well I remember the protests of another law school pal, who protested that she was going to take my other site off her reading list altogether if there was one more entry about Hannah Arendt.

So, now I’m trying to figure out how to write about liberalism without appearing to deliver a treatise. It’s really hard!

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