Lackluster Note:
Out of Ertia
19 October 2018

¶ It would be nice to have something interesting to say about food, but Kathleen and I have both been too tired to digest anything more complicated than a sandwich or pasta or the usual stuff from the Chinese restaurant. Oh, and cheeseburgers. My latest little craze is spreading Russian dressing on mine’s bun. You’d be surprised by how nicely it brings back the delights of Burger King, closed now since last spring, its storefront still vacant. (Meanwhile, the Wahlburger branch around the corner has been padlocked for a few months, too. I don’t think that it was open for a year altogether.) 

Looking for something new, I noticed an outfit called Mochaburger across the street from the 83rd Street subway entrance. It took me a while to figure out that it’s a kosher burger joint. You can have “lamb bacon” if you like. Have you ever heard of lamb bacon? Although the awning promises delivery and announces a phone number, there’s nothing about this on the Web site. I withdrew.

The grilled cheese and (bacon) bacon sandwiches at Gracie’s Corner, across the street (it used to be at the other end of the block, on the First Avenue corner) are pretty good — if you are sitting at a booth and planning to eat them there. They do not travel well. By the time they get here, they resemble building materials, and taste little better. It’s as though traveling across the street in the fresh air somehow intensifies their greasiness. Nevertheless, for lack of alternatives, I resort somewhat desperately…

And yet the refrigerator is full, of something. So is the freezer.

The onset of dementia certainly makes for an exciting explanation, but I know that it’s just top-quality sloth.

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