Closet Note:
Linens &c
12 October 2018

¶ The only way to deal with closets, drawers, and other spaces that can be closed to view is to empty them every now and then. Without the gift of OCD, “every now and then” is never going to come close to “often enough,” but we do what we can, or at least what we do. Today, I emptied the linen closet, for the first time since we moved in, nearly four years ago. Actually, Ray Soleil did all the work. He took everything out and put almost all of it back. 

Who knew what was in it? In the event, there weren’t any surprises, except, possibly, a sheaf of knitting pamphlets that Kathleen may have been looking for — what with a full weekend and most of next week in Dallas, she won’t get to it right away. A few odds and ends could be thrown away, while a box of unused Christmas cards and an upholstered portfolio seemed not to belong in the closet at all.

Everything pertaining to the air mattress (except the thing itself) was stowed more or less as it had been, on the top shelf, and the bottom shelf needed only a bit of straightening up. It was the disorder on the second shelf from the top that prompted the airing. Sheets and towels were in ever more extravagant disarray. But when Ray refolded the towels, everything fit very neatly where just yesterday there was chaos. 

As for the other two shelves, the only point of interest is that there is empty space on both of them. I don’t know how that happened. I don’t expect it to last very long. 

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