Dissipation Note:
Wages of Sin
17 September 2018

¶ My old, old, old friend, Fossil Darling, was on vacation last week, and since he didn’t go anywhere he had lunch with me. Ray Soleil came, too, of course. We had a fine old time, and then Fossil went home, while Ray came back to the apartment for a cup of tea and more chitchat. Kathleen was in Austin, TX for a panel discussion on digital currency, so when Ray said goodbye, I didn’t have to think about getting dinner ready. Thinking about dinner might have reminded me to go to Fairway for a small but necessary shop.

Instead, I watched a pretty good movie that Ray brought over for me to borrow. It’s called The Window, and aside from a twerpy soundtrack and Bobby Driscoll’s little-kid shrilling (does anything become annoying quicker?), it’s really pretty good. Especially since this suspenseful New York City tenement drama is completely lacking in Noo Yawk voices. 

After The Window, I watched something else, and then something else, and only then did I realize that I would have to go to Fairway the next day — a Saturday. 

Need I say more? I was punished. 

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