Library Note:
5 September 2018

¶ The latest addition to the book room is an industrial-strength aluminum mesh cart, almost too big to fit in the corner where I want to put it. One purpose of the cart is to make removing quantities of books from the book room relatively effortless. Only when stacks of books have been carted away will I be able to cull the bookcases, to make room for some if not all of the books on the cart. I have been saying for years that shelving a new book requires getting rid of an old one, but now it’s really true. A painful business. 

Another purpose of the cart is to hold the books that I am sort-of reading at the moment. And also piles of books related to current projects, for example, writing about Chinese characters.

There is the terrible danger that the cart will accumulate permanent deposits. I’ll have to work hard to avoid that. Just saying “hard work” is depressing — I’ve been so bad at it lately. 

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