More Decrepitude:
Appellation Out Of Control
31 August 2018

¶ For more than a week, I’ve to struggle to remember what to call Kathleen’s favorite drink, the mixture of Pekoe tea and lemonade known as — Armand Hammer?

Now, I’m no longer struggling. I’ve adopted my mistake. I say it without noticing. 

Is it because I’ve never been keen on golf? Is it just to get back at Fossil Darling, who always refers to the champion as “Arnie,” as though they were pals? (I have never been heard to refer to a certain singer as “Flicka,” even though I met her long ago, in her Octavian, and my radio days.) Is it because the tycoon’s great-grandson is appearing on Broadway?

You tell me. At dinner, Kathleen thanked me for her Arnold Hammer. I believe that it was not a slip.

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