Beneath Note:
Jofi Joseph
25 October 2013

¶ It was only this morning that we learned of the existence of Jofi Joseph — from a Times story that, rather unprofessionally, took it for granted that we knew all about him. (As we should have done had we taken notice of a story in yesterday’s paper.) A State Department aide with a specialty in nuclear non-proliferation, Joseph aimed a stream of insulting tweets at various Washington figures on both sides of the aisle, in the Administration and elsewhere. In our view, this pastime was nowhere near as juvenile as the official notice taken of it (which cost Joseph his job and may have damaged his wife’s prospects). According to the Times, the tweeter had about 1500 followers at Twitter, “close to a nonentity in the foreign policy conversation.”

We can only hope that every other intelligent aide in Washington will join in a display of solidarity with Jofi Joseph, by organizing a concerted Rectification of Names. Wouldn’t it be great if Twitter were really made to serve a national, heroic purpose.

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