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Quiet resurgence of alpha opportunities
18 June 2013

George Cleveland, who will be a senior at the Hill School in the fall, solicits input for his “in-depth analysis of culture and clothing at boarding schools and its influence on society.” We’re thinking of sending him the Editor’s Blair Academy yearbook, the one covered in madras. The Editor’s sartorial sense has not changed much since those long-ago days. (@ Ivy Style) Compare and contrast Beau Brummel. (Nige @ The Dabbler)

¶ Here’s one for the Editor’s Better Half: Investing in a post-Bogle world. If that doesn’t mean anything to do, skip it. But we’re beguiled by Jared Woodard’s contribution to the discussion:

How many 40-something professionals still pick stocks? Bogle has definitely won, in that sense. People hate high fees, complex strategies, and hedge funds so much that they’d rather take cheap beta than reach for any alpha. What comes next is a quiet resurgence of alpha opportunities for smart managers.

“Quiet resurgence of alpha opportunities” — now that’s the spy novel we’ve been looking for. (@ Abnormal Returns)

Why you don’t want to live in Jefferson County, Alabama — at least, until 2053. (@ Naked Capitalism)

Stop-motion car chases. Japan is truly the land of leisure. (via The Morning News)

¶ Something we need a pill for: those “pénibles” five minutes, between getting out of bed and feeling “en forme.” (Mnémoglyphes)

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