Morning Snip:
The Buck/Back Rule

The Kaplan College imbroglio reminds us that the management of a for-profit corporation that sets out to turn a buck on human enrichment will inevitably discover that there is more profit to be made in turning their back on it. (NYT)

But many current and former Kaplan employees and students — including those, like Mr. Wratten, not involved in the lawsuits — said in interviews that they believed the company was concerned most with getting students’ financial aid, and that Kaplan’s fast-growing revenues were based on recruiting students whose chances of succeeding were low.

They cite, for example, a training manual used by recruiters in Pittsburgh whose “profile” of Kaplan students listed markers like low self-esteem, reliance on public assistance, being fired, laid off, incarcerated, or physically or mentally abused.

Melissa Mack, a Kaplan spokeswoman, said the manual had not been used since 2006.

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The Buck/Back Rule”

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