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  1. Farida says:

    it makes me feel like a 5 year old stamping my feet yenillg but it’s just not FAIR . I’ll say but it’s just logical it’s math any kid we have would be 50% mine and 50% yours except for a shit tradition, why should only you be represented in the name? and he’s all like that’s not logic, that’s opinion @Aphie similar story with him he is the only male from his family with his last name. It’s not even an uncommon last name (which I would be much more sympathetic to). To give him credit, he does think about it a lot, and does consider the alternatives, but apparently he can’t agree to any of them. Thanks for the bluemilk link I’ll email him some stuff to read while he’s at work.I really don’t understand the massive hyphen hate. Ok, so it’s sort of ugly, it’s long, it’s a mouthful but it represents two people making their own family! Much better than representing one person owning a family (of course YMMV with how you interpret the symbolism of naming).Where we’re at now he’s still not agreeing to an alternative to his last name, except that they can have mine as a second middle name, which for me isn’t enough it’s kind of like he gets 75% and I get 25% better than nothing, but not as good as half.The only positive out of all this is it is probably a good litmus test I do want to stay with him for a multitude of other reasons, but if we can sort this out and both end up happy (or at least agreeable), he really is a keeper.