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Golden Rule: If I wanted to be “hilariously misogynistic” (a controdiction in terms that only frat boys miss), I’d remind Democrats that it’s not too late to nominate Hillary Clinton! Why? Because unattractive, power-mad executives are never assassinated in this country. Only the appealing idealists, such as Lincoln and Kennedy, draw the shooters’ malice. Why, they’re already out to kill Barack Obama!


Rich: Richard Reeves reviews a new hate-the-rich book, in the Telegraph.


Faber Finds: They’re here! As predicted years ago, by Jason Epstein: books on demand. You may have to wait a couple of weeks — and I don’t know if the titles are available here at all. But if Faber & Faber is doing it, the serious American publishers will follow suit. (via kottke.org)Oremus…

Morning, cont’d

§ Golden Rule. In her Op-Ed piece, Susan Faludi cogently summarizes the history of disappointment that women have endured in the United States, and why they may be justified in bringing the system closer to a total breakdown by voting for John McCain.

On the facing page, the Editors advise Ms Clinton to wait her turn. That would make sense if she were running against, say, Teddy Kennedy (whom the Times proposes as a role model for her concession), and not an almost equally inexperienced younger man.

Noon, cont’d

§ Rich. Of all the things that stand in the way of healthy economic reform, hatred of the rich is undoubtedly the most corrosive. Much better to want everybody to be rich. Everybody wants to be rich!

Night, cont’d

§ Faber Finds. For those of you who only recently tuned in, Faber & Faber is where T S Eliot had his day job.

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  1. Fossil Darling says:

    I have a question :

    Let us suppose, for a moment, the unthinkable occurs, after the candidates are chosen and affirmed. (And I am old enough to have lived through 3 political assassinations in 5 years so I jave perspective).

    How is the candidate for the Presidency selected? Is it automatically Biden? What happens on the Republican side if McCain succumbs to advanced hubris and old age before the Election? Do the parties differ in their response?