Periodical Note:
Vanity Fizzle
7 August 2018

ΒΆ There’s Michelle Williams on the cover of the new issue of Vanity Fair, looking like a Soviet disciplinarian. Nearby floats the caption, “I never gave up on love.” Yikes! Can we have the old Premiere back?

I don’t know when our subscription runs out, but it is not going to be renewed, not while Radhika Jones is the editor, anyway.

Sure, I miss Graydon Carter’s weakness for Eurobling. But I can live without it. What I don’t want to live without is Tina Brown’s faith in “the mix.” There is no mix at Vanity Fair anymore. It is all media. I suppose it makes sense, in the Age of Trump, that the magazine features one entertainer after another. But it’s certainly not very entertaining. Most of the faces leave me feeling old and bored. Who needs that in the house?

Kathleen never reads it anyway. 

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