Pantry Note:
25 July 2018

¶ Kathleen flew up to Portland last night, for her annual Maine visit. Her plane was supposed to take off from LaGuardia at about eight, but it didn’t leave until eleven. The good thing, of course, is that it did leave. The bad thing is that Kathleen was stuck for three hours in a dingy, under-construction waiting room with few amenities, an inadequately-charged phone, and the prospect of flight cancellation. She took it much better, of course, than I did, sitting at home.

She texted when she landed. Great! She texted again, when she and her pals finally went to bed, at about three. I slept through that one.

¶ The good thing is that I made a space for bread. The muffins and the peasant bread and the rye and the Entenman’s are all in one place, happily molding away. The bad thing is that the dining table is littered with baking ingredients — lots of sugar! — that used to occupy the new bread shelf. It will get worse before I’m done. 

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