Rep Note:
Lemonade 124
16 July 2018

Once again, a cold spring caused me to forget about lemonade until well into warmer weather. I’ve only just begun to make it again.

Happily, I have reduced the formula to a memorable number, 124. It yields a very strong and tart lemonade, which is how Kathleen likes it.

To one part of simple syrup, add two parts of lemon juice and four parts of water. Shake well and chill. (To make simple syrup, boil equal parts of water and sugar just until the sugar dissolves, and allow the syrup to cool.)

In practice, I make half batches. This means boiling a half-cup of simple syrup, adding a cup of lemon juice and two cups of water. If I pick my lemons well — you want them to give just a little when you squeeze them in the produce department — four lemons yield a cup of juice.

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