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1 June 2018

ΒΆ What a humid day! Just walking was taxing. I forced myself to go to the barbershop, but there was no way that I could make to Agata & Valentina afterward. Instead, I limped to the Video Room and rented two new DVDs. I had a pile of laundry to iron, and Kathleen was on her way to a wedding in Chicago. 

My choices raised eyebrows behind the counter: an odd pairing. The Commuter, a Liam Neeson vehicle, and Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool, starring Annette Bening. I think that Film Stars might have seemed a little less dreary if I hadn’t just watched an action flick. As for The Commuter, it doesn’t hold a candle to Vera Farmiga’s other train thriller, Source Code. It is exciting, and there’s no small satisfaction in watching the ex-cop’s former partner turn out to be the bad guy, but it has its longueurs. 

Maybe the real Peter Turner, upon whose memoir Film Stars is based, went about in 1980 with stubble on his chin, but on Jamie Bell, it simply looks anachronistic, and even somewhat disfiguring.  

I never did get out the ironing board.

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