Larder Note:
Oh, Mr Manager!
14 May 2018

ΒΆ No Lays Classic chips. No Lurpak salted butter. No Entenman’s Crumb Donuts. Not even any half gallons of Fairway-brand whole milk! An outrage! And I was in no mood for a Monday shop anyway. 

I completely forgot to buy a gallon of plain vinegar, for mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors. Well, I won’t forget next week.

List, you say? I’m too organic for shopping lists. I proceed through the store along a set route, moving from aisle to aisle quickly but along the shelves quite slowly. That’s how I remembered to buy peanut butter.

When I got home, I discovered why the dregs of the last bottle of peanut butter were so dry: I’d bought the reduced-fat version. Just as, a couple of weeks ago, I bought Fritos Scoops, which are not the same thing at all and have to be thrown away.

As soon as I remember to buy the regular kind. 

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