Dirty Laundry Note:
Does Vodka Go On Fermenting?
8 May 2018

¶ Here’s how demoralized I was last week: I never took the wash-and-fold laundry downstairs. I squeaked by, washing a few extra things on Saturday night in the laundry room down the hall, but yesterday, I had to drag an impossibly heavy bag down to the combination dry cleaner’s/package room off the lobby. When I picked it up, this afternoon, it wasn’t any lighter, but I could actually carry it. Why is that? 

¶ Don’t tell anybody, but I drink a couple of shots of vodka at bedtime. Well, I sip, as slowly as possibly, for an hour or so before turning in. I stow the vodka in the freezer. 

When the bottle is empty, I set it next to/behind the little lidded garbage pail that I use for soiled cloth towels and napkins. (That’s another story.) Sometimes — hardly ever — there are two bottles standing there, which means that one of them has been standing there for a while. 

This afternoon, no longer quite so demoralized, I thought I’d better throw them away. Somehow I knocked one over, the one that had been standing there for a while.

It fell, and hit the ceramic floor tiles. Then, in a discrete event, it exploded. Trust me, I’ve broken enough glass in this kitchen to know what it sounds like, and it never sounds like a cannon. The base blew away, shattered. The base was the one part of the bottle that had been in contact with the floor, but that no longer was. 

How did that happen? 

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