Balcony Note:
23 April 2018

¶ Last year, as I recall, we went straight from summer to winter, and it looks as though we’re going to do that again. Even so, there have been a few not-so-chilly days when a window or two and the balcony door might be opened. It’s nice to let in some fresh air. What’s not so nice is the noise made by traffic.

Actually, the noise is made by the steel plates covering up a pipe job along 87th Street. The plates are eight or ten feet long (I’d say), and they rumble rumble rumble whenever driven over. Aurally, even the lightest sedan is transformed into a heavy truck.

I see that they’re taking the plates away, one by one, and repaving the street. Goody.

In other balcony news, I’ve moved the croton plant outside. It’s five years old now — I’ve never had one for so long. It flourishes outside, quickly replacing all the leaves lost during the winter. It may be time to intervene with a bit of pruning, though, if that’s something that you can do with croton plants. Something to look into.

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