Madeleine Note:
Grape Nuts
11 April 2018

ΒΆ I bought a box of Grape Nuts when I went shopping on Monday. It has been a while since I’ve stocked it. Ever since Fairway opened its branch across the street (six years ago? more?), I’ve been buying organic versions of raisin bran and Cheerios. Recently, I thought I’d try some “multi-grain” chex, but I found that they got mushy in milk almost immediately. Grape Nuts will take their place. 

I’ve never been able to figure out if I’m crazy about Grape Nuts, or if I’m crazy about remembering breakfasts with my aunt and uncle in New Hampshire. Breakfasts were very simple, with Grape Nuts more or less the main course.

Most Proustian associates fade with overexposure, but not this one. Forty years later, I’m still deeply warmed by the familiar crunch. Perhaps the secret is that I never had Grape Nuts as a child, didn’t even know what they were.

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