Plaza Note:
5 April 2018

ΒΆ We went to four performances by Paul Taylor American Modern Dance last month. That means: we bought eight tickets. I seem to recall a season in which we showed up for five, but I may be mistaken. We’ve certainly been to four before. I ought also to note that I didn’t add any charitable contributions to my purchases. Nevertheless, I got a very nice postcard, thanking me for supporting the 2018 Lincoln Center Season. Maybe everybody got one.

The postcard shows seventeen of the eighteen members of the company. (The new girl, Kristin Draucker, is missing.) Instead of Paul Taylor himself, the company’s executive director, John Tomlinson, stands at the center. The ten dancers who introduced Concertiana this season are in costume; the others are in black outfits. It’s a very nice souvenir, although it would be nicer if the founder were in it. I’ve propped it up on the bookdesk. If there were no type, and if dancers weren’t standing on a white stage that looks like snow (the Concertiana people are barefoot), I might prop it up on the mantel. 

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