Tech Note:
“Gimme a New One”
28 February 2018

Before I’d had it a month, my new Surface broke down. It was the fault of a very complicated “patch,” intended to compensate for the faulty chip that was in the news last year. This wasn’t your ordinary update, but a process that took hours — and that miscarried for me. Our tech god came and got it to work again, largely by wiping the drive and re-installing Windows 10. Not two weeks later, it crashed again. This time, Jason took it to the Microsoft Store in Midtown. (I didn’t ask which one.) They wanted to keep the machine for two days, scrub the drive, and so on, but Jason wasn’t having it. “Give me a new one,” he insisted. So they did. We’ll see. 

It always takes me a long time to make full use of a new tool. I haven’t yet utilized the Surface as a tablet. The keyboard accessory (not included) is small but handy, even for my large hands. Not that I intend to use it much. The odd email, Evernote entry, and search. 

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