Snack Note:
Sandwich Strike
20 February 2018

I’ve gotten terribly tired of sandwiches. Well, most sandwiches. There are a couple of classic sandwiches of which it may be said that the bread is an ingredient, not a structural support. Peanut butter and jelly. Peanut butter and bacon, BLT — these on light toast. But ham and cheese? Turkey and lettuce? Can I just have the insides? 

The sandwich is a powerful organizing principal, however. Bread, filling, condiment: assembling these items requires no thought. It’s much harder, at least for me, to pull the ham out of the fridge and then to remember that I’ve got some radishes somewhere, and finally to find a bit of the kind of cheese that you don’t put into sandwiches. The other day, though, this is exactly what I managed to do, and it was grand.

Next time — I also have to get better at stocking radishes — I might even spread the cheese on a piece of toast.

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