After-Dinner Note:
Cold Cuts
25 January 2018

¶ What to do with cold cuts? If you make sandwiches at home, this is something that you have to figure out. Because I have always sought orderly solutions to kitchen problems, this one has eluded me. I can tuck the packages of meat and cheese as neatly as you like, but that only makes things worse, because I can easily find what I’m looking for. This means that I can forget about the rest, and go on forgetting about it until things have to be thrown away. 

It turns out that what works for me is the chaotic pocket book — the bag that you have to empty in order to find anything. I hit upon it accidentally. One day, earlier this winter, I did some late-afternoon shopping at Schaller & Weber. When I got home, I was too tired to unpack the shopping bag, and wouldn’t you know there was a space in the refrigerator that was just big enough to hold it. So I tossed it in and shut the door. Although I’ve emptied that bag, and its successors, many times, I’ve never looked back. I throw in leftover bits of chicken and steak. And that’s where I keep the Emmenthal that I buy at Fairway; it belongs with the Land O’Lakes American.

When I want something, I have to unload the whole bag on the counter. Sometimes what I find changes my plans for lunch. Better finish up that ham! 


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