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Posh: My good friend Yvonne just tipped me off to a fantastic send-up of cooking shows, starring Richard E Grant at his twitissime, “Posh Nosh.” The show is a hundred years old, so you’ve probably see it already…


Mad Max: Poor Max Mosley — so to speak. For my part, I can’t imagine anything more in keeping with Formula 1 racing than recreational sado-masochism. One does wonder, though, what Lady Redesdale would have said. “Every time I see “Peer’s Daughter” in the newspaper…”


Cartographic: Is it or isn’t it? An optical illusion, that is. How big is England?


Morning, cont’d

§ Nosh. Astonishingly, the BBC appear to have walked away from the show, which is nothing but scenes of the class struggle in Wilts. Looking for a paella recipe? Listen for Joanna Lumley in the outro.

Noon, cont’d

§ Mad Max. Interestingly, mention of Mitford connections is quite conspicuously absent from the press coverage that Daphne Guinness has been getting lately. She is Mr Mosley’s niece, and yet another of Diana Mitford’s good-looking offspring. (The gorgeous Michael Roberts photo isn’t available online, but check out pp 112-13 of the current issue of Vanity Fair. (Nº 576)

Night, cont’d

§ Cartographic. The thickness of outlines makes a big difference in the representation of free-standing land masses. (Thanks, kottke.org)

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Last week I was reading a recipe for which “any good, fruity Moroccan variety” of extra-virgin olive oil was strongly recommended. Always the insecure cook, I first panicked, then slumped in despair: oh NO! wherever will I find THAT?! It took a few moments to sink in that this was funny — both the pretentious recommendation and my slavish response to it. Would’ve fit perfectly into an episode of Posh Nosh, eh?

    To paraphrase Minty, this show has that certain je ne sais quoi that we all know so well.

    And, by the way, R J, all 8 episodes — clean, better-quality videos than on YouTube — can be downloaded: