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  1. Carsent says:

    Obama is not winning the big steats that really decide elections because of their huge electoral college votes. He is winning in small steats with caucus processes. That, not the Pet Rock, passing fad thing, may be the thing that finally ends the Obama phenomenon.

    This shows up my major objection to “Super Tuesday” and the rush to have as many primaries as possible as early as possible. You get a “fad” candidate winning big, and you don’t get a good hard look at the candidates and their strengths and weaknesses until it’s almost too late. As a result you end up with this kind of “he doesn’t win in big steats” analysis until the nomination is almost secure. (Of course, as a Republican, I wouldn’t mind the Dems running Barak “McGovern” Obama in the fall.)And the people pushing for the short primary season are mostly the same people trying to eliminate the Electoral College, but that’s an arguement for another time.

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